Stephan Kinsella on Nullification and Secession

Every weekday morning I stop by (after first going to to read, learn something new, and share info with others. Today, to my surprise, what I consider to be one of the best writers anywhere, Stephan Kinsella, has written a blog post discussing an article that I wrote earlier this year. “Randy Barnett…


A Compromise on Health Care?

Writes Phyllis Tilson Piotrow: Let those states that oppose allowing their citizens to choose a public plan opt out of the public plan and rely on existing private or cooperative insurance plans. Let those states that want their citizens to have a non-federally subsidized public option cooperate with the relevant federal agency to participate in…


Pawlenty urges Governors to Assert Sovereignty

Minnesota Republican Tim Pawlenty urged fellow governors on Thursday to more frequently assert state sovereignty over the federal government and suggested that the country may increasingly see states suing the federal government. Asked by a caller about the option of asserting the Tenth Amendment as a tactic to reject a successful health care overhaul by…


The Left and State-Level Health Care

It seems like people on the “right” aren’t the only ones talking about a state-level health care program.  Over at DailyKos, the “left,” there appears to be some flickering of a light bulb turning on.

For example, this recent diary entry, “States Rights Public Option Solution.” Here’s an excerpt:

Each state’s legislature pass their own “public option” for everyone in their state.

You won’t have to worry about moderate blue dog democrats and republicans. It would be FAR easier.

Everyone in a state gets access to government health care, everyone in that state pays taxes to cover it, and only people living in that state get to use it.

Sounds almost voluntary – well, at least in comparison to a national plan that will never please more than about 1/2 the people in this country.