Health Care Sovereignty for Colorado

On Friday February 5th, 17 House Representatives and 2 Senators in the Colorado General Assembly cosponsored new legislation limiting the federal government’s power to enforce health care legislation in this state. Please make sure this legislation passes by contacting all members of the General Assembly and ask them to cosponsor this bill. HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION…


Health Care Freedom Goes 3 for 3 in VA Senate

On Monday afternoon legislators in Richmond demonstrated in a big way that they are finally starting to get it. Well, everyone except Creigh Deeds. After several months of intense lobbying by activists from all over the state, the Virginia Senate passed all three bills (Fred Quayle’s SB 283, Jill Vogel’s SB 417, and Steve Martin’s…


Co-Sponsors Needed for Kansas Health Care Freedom

Thank you to for your support of the tenth amendment resolution. Now it’s time to put our state sovereignty into action. The latest news on the federal level is there will be an attempt to force a health care bill through a process known as “reconciliation.” In Kansas, we need to quickly act to introduce…


Something in the Water? VA House Speaker Co-Sponsors Tenther Bill

BIG NEWS from Richmond just a few short days before the 10th Amendment rally on January 18th. As reported by the Richmond Tea Party via Tertium Quids: Speaker Howell has asked to be a co-sponsor of the Health Care Reform Bill [HB10], one of two 10th Amendment bills we have before the General Assembly… Get…


South Carolina to Consider Health Care Nullification

South Carolina State Representatives Duncan, Long and Wylie have House Joint Resolution 4240 (HJR4240), which proposes a South Carolina State Constitutional Amendment stating that “No law may be enacted that restricts an individual’s freedom of choice of private health care systems or private health insurance plans of any type. No law may be enacted that…


OK Lawmakers File “Freedom of Healthcare Choice Act”

OKLAHOMA CITY – The voters of Oklahoma will have the opportunity to preserve the existing health care system in Oklahoma under legislation sought by three state legislators. State Reps. Mike Ritze and Mike Reynolds and state Sen. Randy Brogdon announced today that they will file legislation enacting the “Freedom of Healthcare Choice Act,” allowing voters…


Health Care Freedom in Virginia

The Campaign for Liberty has stepped to the plate big time in Virginia, getting out ahead of the feds and finding a sponsor for the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, to be introduced in 2010.

The Act reads, in part:

Neither the Governor nor the Department of Health, the Department of Public Welfare or any other Commonwealth agency shall participate in the compliance with any Federal law, regulation or policy that would compromise the freedom of choice in health care of any resident of this Commonwealth.

Man, just copying and pasting that feels great.


State Sovereignty: Health Care Freedom Rally

This past Saturday morning, many Kansas citizens came from Pittsburg, Salina, Topeka, Lawrence — and all throughout Johnson County, to Shawnee City Hall to take a stand for their health care freedom. You can click on this link to see Fox 4 News which gave the best coverage. The headline, “Kansas Health Care Rally Turns…


Scott Plakon, Michael Boldin on Tea Party Patriots Live

Last weekend, I had the honor of spending a few minutes on air with our friends over at – on 660 WORL in Orlando. Also joining in the discussion is FL State Rep, Scott Plakon. The topics? Good stuff – nullification, health care freedom, medical marijuana, firearms freedom, and more… Play in new…


Nullifying National Health Care in Kansas

This Tuesday, 10-27-09, Kansas State Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook and other state legislators will be announcing a “Kansas Health Care Freedom Amendment” – a proposal for a state constitutional amendment that would effectively nullify national health care in that state.  (h/t Jeff Matthews)

Already, four states are considering similar amendments, and more than 15 may see them introduced in the 2010 legislative session.

Writes Senator Pilcher-Cook:

These last few months have made it abundantly clear to us — it is urgent to stand up now to protect our heath care in Kansas.

If federal legislation is passed, ordering government to give free health care (or perceived to be free), there will be an unlimited demand that even the government will not be able to meet. Rationing comes next — government-run health care cannot supply all citizens with the health care they desire, which results in the federal government making the decisions about when and where to deny individual requests for health care.

I am dedicated to:

  • Preserving the freedom of Kansans to provide for their health care.
  • Safeguarding the liberty of Kansans from any federal government action, which would coerce participation in a health care system.
  • Defending the independence of Kansans to pay directly for health care services without penalty.

Here’s an excerpt of the proposed amendments’ text: