We only have until the end of THIS WEEK to have the Judiciary Committee hear this bill so that it can continue to move forward! The Judiciary Committee is lead by Eddie Farnsworth, he’s the one that decides if the bill is heard or not! If this bill isn’t assigned to a committee by the end of THIS WEEK, the bill is DEAD!!!


1. We need to contact Eddie Farnsworth and demand that he lets HB2573 be voted on in the Judiciary Committee!  Strongly, but respectfully, let him know that you’ll accept nothing less.

2. Also contact Representative Carl Seel and Senator Judy Burges and urge them contact Representative Eddie Farnsworth to tell him to hear their bill that they’re sponsoring!

3. Contact all the bill co-sponsors and ask them to do the same – reach out to Rep Farnsworth and request a hearing.

House Judiciary Committee Leader
Eddie Farnsworth: 602-926-5735

Bill Sponsors
Carl Seel: 602-926-3018 cell# 480-818-9293
Judy Burges: 602-926-5861

Bill Co-Sponsors
Debbie Lesko: 602-926-5413
Phil Lovas: 602-926-3297
Sonny Borrelli: 602-926-5051
Jeff Dial: 602-926-5550
Bob Thorpe: 602-926-5219
Warren Petersen: 602-926-4136
Brenda Barton: 602-926-4129

HB2573 Bill text:


There’s a posiblity that Senator Burges will “strike” the house bill onto a Senate Bill and get it assigned to a Senate Committee! Please Call Senator Burges and aske her to “strike” HB2573 onto a Senate Bill and to schedule a hearing in a committee.

Adam Henriksen

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