EDITOR’S NOTE: Our inside sources have told us that HB2573 to Nullify NDAA indefinite detention is being “held up” by Rules Committee Chair, Bob Robson. We’ve called him and asked for clarification days ago. He has not called back. The following is an email sent March 13th to give him another opportunity to tell us that our reliable source is incorrect. We are waiting for his response. What are your thoughts on the next step?

Hello Representative Robson,

My name is Adam Henriksen, I’m a State Committeeman and the Arizona Coordinator for the Tenth Amendment Center.

I’m writing you in regards to HB2573, which addresses the 2012 version of the NDAA. The sections that this bill is addressing are sections 1021 and 1022. These sections allow the ability for U.S citizens to be detained indefinitely (kidnapped) without charge or trial.

HB2573 passed a week and a half ago in the House Judiciary Committee 6-2 with great support and was supposed to go through your committee (Rules Committee) afterwards. I’m contacting you on behalf of a few thousand Arizona citizens that are concerned with the status of our bill. We heard this and are hoping it’s just a crazy rumor, that you have no intention of letting this bill go through your committee!

Could you please let me know what’s going on? As I stated before, we have an extremely large group of people that are asking me personally to contact you about the bill status before they start sending emails and making phone calls. I’ve already spoke with the sponsor, who is also the Representative for my district. He informed me initially not to harass you with phone calls and e-mails, but time is running out and there’s been no movement on our bill!

May I also add that similar legislation was introduced addressing the same issues as HB2573 last year with SB1182. It passed in both the Arizona House and Senate overwhelmingly.

Here’s the voting record for SB1182 from 2012.

House Vote:

Senate Vote:

Your Response is urgent and appreciated!


Adam Henriksen | Arizona Coordinator
Tenth Amendment Center

Adam Henriksen

The 10th Amendment

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