If you have been watching CNN, you would think the sky was falling. Our ‘public servants’ have been whining and crying endlessly about how their precious bureaucracy has been shutdown. To these arrogant elitists, this means that the sun won’t shine and the grass won’t grow. However, the state of the country hasn’t changed very much in spite of the alleged shutdown.

In reality, the feds are still drone-bombing children, creating a 1984-style surveillance state, molesting people at airports and racking up astronomical amounts of debt to fund all of this deviousness. And of course, Obamacare is still being implemented in the state of Michigan thanks to the disgraced backstabber Rick Snyder.

The feds are hoping since a small amount of federal workers are temporarily laid off that the American public will panic and forget about the mountain of government incompetence and corruption that is evident at every level. As distracted as many Americans are unfortunately are, they are too fed up with the status quo to forget about how the numerous ways they have been tread upon by government. They see the prices of their food and gas going up, they see the dismal job market, they see the bizarre unhinged behavior of their government officials. All the propaganda in the world cannot keep the American people in the dark any longer.

The good news out of this turmoil is the polarized nature of government. The political system has been polarized for quite some time, but it has to be at a record level right now. This is good news because when these guys are at each others throats, less things get done. When less things get done, it is far less likely for the government to destroy the economy and our basic rights. It is really that simple.

In liberal fantasy land where we’re always one law away from everything being hunky dory, anything getting in the way of government inflicting its every whim on the American people is a tragedy. But in reality where the government is an organized criminal operation frantically working to turn America into a dystopian nightmare, polarization is a great thing. We need a whole lot more of it if we are to restore freedom in the Republic!

The Democrats and the Republicans are at each others throats. The tea party and the elitist Rockefeller Republicans are at each others throats. These are great developments for liberty that must be embraced! When you see the biggest scumbags in Washington D.C. going on TV and throwing pedantic temper tantrums on a regular basis, that is how you know things are going fantastically well for us politically. When Obama’s best buddy Rick ‘The Betrayer’ Snyder is angry and complaining, wonderful developments must be afoot.

Snyder is filled with such Hubris that he thinks that his blather makes a lick of difference for the conservative movement in Michigan. Here is a newsflash to the Nerd: We know you are personally responsible for implementing Obamacare in Michigan. We know you joined Obama in supporting Common Core curriculum to dumb down children and get them accustomed to the surveillance state. We know you’re pushing for higher gas and internet sales taxes. The sad fact of the matter is Rick Snyder has a track record that makes failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney look like Russell Kirk.

That is exactly what the fake government shutdown is meant to distract you from. You’re supposed to be shaking in your boots because the federal parasite isn’t working at full capacity, and you’re supposed to forget about how Snyder took the 30 pieces of silver from Obama to destroy your family’s health care. But we will not let the public forget about your crimes against freedom, Mr. Snyder. You will never be able to escape your collusion with Obama no matter how much propaganda you release patting yourself on the back.

At the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center, we refuse to play footsie with big government no matter how much debt-money they try to bribe us with. We fight all unconstitutional laws, no matter what the political class says. We do not bend, we do not break, we do not compromise to evil. We will accept no excuses such as Snyder’s ridiculous claim that Obamacare needs to be implemented to create a ‘healthier Michigan.’ Help us force accountability upon the criminal elements within our government by volunteering with us immediately!

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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