Was the Constitution a recipe for tyranny? That’s what Patrick Henry, Brutus, Federal Farmer and many other Anti-Federalists feared. In this episode, we’ll explore three of their top arguments against ratification and their warnings about centralized power as a massive threat to liberty.

Path to Liberty: June 19, 2024

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Show Archives

Carol Berkin – Inventing the American Constitution

Patrick Henry – Virginia Ratifying Convention (7 June 1788)

Brutus I (18 Oct 1787)

A Farmer – Philadelphia Freeman’s Journal (16 Apr 1788)

Patrick Henry – Virginia Ratifying Convention (9 June 1788)

The Dissent of the Minority of the Pennsylvania Convention (18 Dec 1787)

Episode – Consolidation Leads to Force: Anti-Federalist Cato No. 3

Episode – The Dangers of Consolidation: Anti-Federalist Brutus No. 1

William Grayson – Virginia Ratifying Convention (11 June 1788)

Federal Farmer IV (12 Oct 1787)

Episode – Infinite‌ ‌and‌ ‌Incomprehensible:‌ ‌Anti-Federalist‌ ‌Brutus‌ ‌No.‌ ‌5‌

Jason Mandresh – Founder of the Day

Brutus XI (31 Jan 1788)

Brutus XII (7 Feb 1788)

Elbridge Gerry to President of Senate and Speaker of House of Representatives of Massachusetts (18 Oct 1787)

George Mason – Virginia Ratifying Convention (23 June 1788)

Impartial Examiner I (20 Feb 1788)

John DeWitt II (27 Oct 1787)

Samuel Adams – Letter to Richard Henry Lee (24 Aug 1789)

Richard Henry Lee – Letter to Patrick Henry (14 Sept 1789)

George Mason – Virginia Ratifying Convention (4 June 1788)

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