Minnesota “Dreaming”

Steve Timmer, the attorney who posted the video embedded below on YouTube, mocks Tenthers, like Sue Jeffers, talk radio host and candidate for Minnesota State Senate, Krysia Weidell, for advocating nullification. Yet he fails to offer a single convincing argument against nullification. He instead attempts to abuse them, rather than refute them. He loosely paraphrases Andrew Jackson, saying that the seventh president once described nullification bills as “insurrectionist” and “treasonous”. Finally, he claims that nullification will lead to “constitutional anarchy”.

Watch it:

I assume that Steve Trimmer is referring to a sentence in Andrew Jackson’s Proclamation Regarding Nullification, written for him by Edward Livingston, in which he pleads with the people of his native South Carolina:


The Political Inquisition Begins

If this article doesn’t frighten you, it’s probably because you aren’t doing anything that really threatens to limit big government. As I read this article, a sinking feeling started to develop in the pit of my stomach. Is this what happens when patriotic citizens and state legislators begin to actually challenge entrenched RINOs and upset the statist quo? Frankly, it’s more than a little scary.


Resisting the Fugitive Slave Act

Whenever the mainstream media finally decides it can’t ignore the efforts of today’s “Tenthers” to use the tools of state level nullification and interposition, their attempts to associate them with slavery, Jim Crow and segregation are as predictable as the sun rising in the East. The fact is that nullification and interposition were never used…


Arizona House and Senate Consider Firearms Freedom Act

Even as Senate Bill 1098, known as the Arizona Firearms Freedom Act, was assigned to the Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, an almost identical Firearms Freedom bill was introduced in the House and assigned the number HB2307. The proposed legislation confronts the position taken by most members of Congress that the “Commerce Clause”, found in Article…