Constitution 101: Definitions Don’t Change Over Time

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What does the power to establish “Post Offices and post Roads” teach us about reading the Constitution? Quite a bit. Getting it wrong can lead to some serious problems.


The Constitution of the Founders, not the Courts

Famed legal theorist Randy Barnett has been writing a flurry of blog posts lately over at The Volokh Conspiracy regarding what is “constitutional” – and, of course, what is not, too.  The focus of late has been a debate at regarding the Constitution and national health care.  Barnett first takes the position that when viewing the Constitution…


Constitutional Wisdom from Randy Barnett

I haven’t been too friendly to some of the solutions that Randy Barnett has offered for the problems we face, but – in regards to an original understanding of the purpose and intention of the Constitution, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone better. His recent blog post over at Volokh, regarding his rebuttal at…