A few weeks ago, Dianne Feinstein claimed that mass spying by the NSA is “lawful, effective and constitutional.”

She followed up with an op-ed in the WSJ, basically claiming that NSA must be allowed to continue the spying, or you could get hurt in a terrorist attack. In other words, “we spy, or you die.”

She then introduced an NSA “reform bill” – that not only doesn’t stop the NSA, but it gives them even broader powers. That’s according to reports at EFF, Antiwar.com and others.

Why is this important? And why would anyone want to listen to her?


Feinstein is the very powerful chair of senate intelligence committee. ANY bill limiting NSA powers is almost certain to go through her committee. She loves the NSA – and there’s no way she’s going to let any bill effectively stopping them get through.

Here’s the hard fact: There’s virtually ZERO chance of anything good happening.

Now that we know where they’re prepared for pushback, we can take Sun Tzu’s advice – “Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

At OffNow.org – we’re taking the resistance to the states. Get active here:

Michael Boldin

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